Steve Daoust

I’m fortunate to call Berkshire County my home, it’s where I grew up and where my wife and I have raised our own family. In that time, I’ve established a deep connection to this area, the people, the neighborhoods, and the cultural and natural beauty that has drawn residents to these hills for centuries.

Stellar customer experience

My professional career has always been grounded in a passion for stellar customer experience. Whether in real estate, specialty retail, or outdoor programming, my singular focus has been to provide exceptional service to the clients I represent. I incorporate over a decade of training in mindfulness, coaching, and guiding into the process of buying and selling properties.
We develop strong relationships with our homes and businesses, the stories they tell, and the memories that we’ve shared within them. My approach to guiding others through the complex and emotional process of real estate places a high priority on the connections that we have with our homes, and the relationships that we build with one another.
I enjoy writing, cooking, home improvement, and above all outdoors and nature. As an avid hiker and backpacker, I have, at one time or another, explored nearly every acre of open lands in the county. From this experience I have also developed a great interest in the local history of the area, and Pittsfield in general, where I reside with my wife and our two children.