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This is a new market like we’ve never seen before. So we’re doing real estate differently.

The market to sell your home in the Berkshires is incredibly strong right now, with few houses listed compared to historic averages. We have dozens of buyers looking for properties of all types in all price ranges. In order to bridge that gap, we’ve designed a new home selling system to simplify the brokering (finding the right buyer) and transactional processes.

If you are considering selling your home, fill out this contact form with as much detail as possible and we’ll cross reference your property with our qualified buyers database. For as little as a 3% professional fee - opposed to the higher listing fees we and all other brokerages need to charge to officially market and list your property on the open market - we can facilitate a smooth, efficient, and of course lucrative transaction for both parties, saving the seller many thousands of dollars in most cases. Although there are advantages to listing on the open market, it will cost you more, and can be an immensely overwhelming process at a time when dozens of showings in one day, and an overtly aggressive buying attitude, have become the norm.

Get in touch now, no commitments necessary. Your home is worth it.