Conor Meehan

Born and raised in the Berkshires, Conor’s background is in music. After earning a Bachelor’s in Music from Purchase College in 2004, Conor moved to New York City where he lived for over a decade working as a professional drummer and performing all over the world.

After so much travel, he saw that the quality of life in Berkshire County is second to none and decided to move home. His interest in Real Estate grew out of his own home buying experience.

I get to know you

Like the music industry, real estate is a people based business and Conor has the experience to coordinate all of the moving parts of your real estate transaction. Conor is interested in getting to know you, learning your story and thoroughly understanding your goals in regard to your home purchase or sale. Whether you’re buying or selling, he offers knowledge and support from the beginning of the process and will lead you through to closing with clear and consistent communication, professionalism, and genuine enthusiasm.